Summer comes with a relaxed, laid back vibe and dressing for summer seems a lot easier than fussing with layers of winter clothes, but finding the line between staying cool and dressing appropriately isn’t always easy when it’s over 30 degrees outside. It’s all about thinking strategically and using some sneaky shortcuts to ensure maximum breeziness.

Natural fibres are a lot more breathable than anything synthetic, so look for lightweight styles in cotton, linen and bamboo.  Being natural, means they will be a lot less stretchy, so go for something bigger in size. That extra room will allow the air to circulate a lot better, keeping your body temperature down. The number one rule to hot weather dressing – bigger is better!

Summer Dressing Fashion Blog Post Cass Anderson

High temperatures combined with high humidity can make life uncomfortable so it’s important to keep your shoes open and as flat as possible. Make sure they are broken in before you start wearing them, there’s nothing worse than swollen and hurting feet.
Look for clothes that offer protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. The more skin that is covered, the better. Long, wide leg pants or a maxi dress will offer better protection than short styles. Cotton dresses or tops with long billowing sleeves are a sun smart option, allow the air to circulate and are very on trend.

Clothes that are lighter in colour are more suited for the hot weather, dark colours naturally absorb more light than they reflect, so more heat is retained. Light colours reflect the light away from them, so less heat is absorbed, making them cooler to wear in the summer. Why not take advantage of this and dress in the beautiful whites, pastel blues and pinks, greys, creams, yellows and tans on offer. They will keep you feeling cooler, and brighten your mood, more than blacks, navy blues, or any other dark colours.

Hats are a classic and stylish option to protect your head and face from the sun. And though a hat might seem like it will keep in the heat, protecting your scalp, face and neck from the sun will keep you cooler. Look for hats that are woven and have ventilation points, allowing air to escape.

Men, the rise in temperature is no excuse to spend all summer in board shorts, singlets and thongs. Use the heat as an opportunity to incorporate some colour, new fabrics and styles into your wardrobe. Try a well-cut linen or light cotton shirt for night’s out. Switch the jeans for cotton chinos in light colours and roll up the bottoms for extra air circulation.

Cheers to relaxed days, longer balmy nights and easy summer dressing. Stay cool!

Image All About Eve Clothing

Photographer Ming Nomchong

Styling Cass Anderson

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